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Our daughter Madison loves Gymbaroo. She cannot get out of the house fast enough when it's 'Gymbaroo day'. It has given us creative, fun and developmentally appropriate activities to have fun with at home, that keep her both amused and challenged. Madison has enjoyed two years of Gymbaroo and her little brother will join this coming term. 

Sophia Barbagallo, mother and GM ToyBox International

"My daughter Chelsea gets so much pleasure and enjoyment out of the Gymbaroo program. It has helped her to development important milestones and has enhanced her general confidence.  I would recommend Gymbaroo to any parent as a positive experience for your child." 
Robyn, mother and teacher MEd

I started Gymbaroo with my little one when she was 5 months old. As a mum it is really important to me to engage my daughter in activities that help stimulate and support her physical and cognitive development. Attending weekly Gymbaroo sessions was a great social stimulation for my daughter as well as for myself. What I loved most about our weekly Gymbaroo sessions is how informative they were. The teacher often explained why the activity was important at the stage of development and when she started to crawl the teacher was very helpful in providing tips to help us support my daughter with this new skill. 

I have found the Gymbaroo program to be one based on lots of research, that is fun as well as beneficial for the parent and child. I would highly recommend parents attend these sessions with their children. 
Rachael Grieves, What's on 4 kids, Perth

Going to Gymbaroo is without a doubt one of the best things I have done for myself and Ava. It's taught me how to encourage her at every step of the way and monitor her development. Gymbaroo Booragoon is so beautifully organised and clean, and I love that the gym equipment is moved around to create variety. The teachers are passionate about what they do and are an invaluable source of information. They are incredibly intuitive when it comes to sensing if the kids are tired and need a more relaxed session or if they are eager for more. We have been to many children's activities over the past year, but Gymbaroo is the one activity that I highly recommend. Well done to Brenda, Rachelle and the team at Gymbaroo Booragoon. 
Amy Zempilas, mother and culturalist, Perth

My best GymbaROO experience with Alessandra is every time we go to GymbaROO I get lots of cuddles from her as she is excited and proud after she completes a task or activity. Alessandra loves singing songs, playing with new objects and helping to put things away away. Every week is enjoyable for me watching Alessandra have fun and learn new things. 
Federica, mother

Amy (4) celebrated her 3rd birthday at Gymbaroo.  Brenda and staff went to great efforts to ensure the party was a success. Amy misses Gymbaroo and often asks me if she can go back. I made the mistake of telling her that Leah (20 months) was going to Gymbaroo while she was at Kindy. Oh the tears!  Leah loves to climb and hang which she can do at Gymbaroo in a fun and safe environment as opposed to climbing up on the kitchen table or hanging from the bathroom towel racks at home. She has also recently learned to jump thanks to Gymbaroo and is so proud of herself. Overall Gymbaroo has been a positive, fun experience for both my daughters and for me as not only do I get that important one on one time with my daughter I also get to have adult conversations with other mums and dads. 
Julie, Mum of two

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