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Active Babies Smart Kids

Continuing our combined pursuit of helping today’s children get off to the best start possible, we are delighted to announce the release of GymbaROO’s FREE online TV series: “Active Babies Smart Kids TV”

There is no longer any doubt about the direct relationship between a child’s ability to do well at school and the activities and stimulation they receive when they are babies and young children. Leading Australian pediatricians confirm that “research into brain development clearly shows that a child’s success at school is set in the first few years of life”. For the past 30 years GymbaROO has been working with parents and children to help them learn about, and experience, the necessary foundations for later learning – through a fun, play-based, neuro-developmentally designed, age-appropriate program.

GymbaROO has now created the first FREE online TV series for parents and carers of babies (newborn to crawling). The series has been adapted from GymbaROO’s highly acclaimed neuro-developmental programs and includes 12 x 22 minute episodes.

This is what the professionals have to say about it:

The Active Babies Smart Kids series has so much value for new parents. We had all our children, (many years ago!) go to GymbaROO and I couldn’t recommend highly enough both GymbaROO classes and now their new series for babies and parents. As an Ear Nose and Throat specialist I was particularly impressed with the episode on Speech and Hearing and the one on Tummy Time. Well done GymbaROO. Dr David W Johnston Paediatric ENT Specialist, Sydney Adventist Hospital Sydney NSW


As a GP I see many babies and families with young children. I frequently get asked about what activities parents can do as they spend time with their babies, and how they can help with their development. I refer them straight to the free BabyROO series as it is a fantastic resource, full of information and ideas and gives parents confidence in their parenting. Dr Monica Larkin MBBS, FRACGP DRACOG

BabyROO episodes cover the how and why of important developmental areas and includes chats with early childhood specialists. The Let’s do BabyROO section of each episode encourages parents to join in with their baby to do baby exercises and dances to music, baby massage, activities to help with visual development, hearing and speech, baby balance, the inhibition of primitive reflexes and so much more. It’s all based on fun and learning together with joy and happiness.

We hope that you enjoy taking GymbaROO home :)


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